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Submitted on
October 20, 2013


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I am a woman
I lived through the ages
Of torture and pain;
Usage and rape

I am a woman
I survived these years
Living as a tool
Abused and neglected

I am a woman
I was accused of being a witch
Hanged and defiled
God never saved me.

I am a woman
I fight for myself
For those of the newer generation
For those whom are like me

I am a woman
I was treated as a toy
Fondled, violated
Left in the rain

I am a woman
I shall stay my ground
I will fight for my rights
I won't be torn down.

I am a woman
I am proud
I am beautiful
I am my own

I am a woman
And I belong to none
Nor to men, nor to hurt
Nor to sorrow, nor to pain
Nor to the society who has caused me pain

I am a woman.
I survived.
A little something for my feminist feelings.
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silverfair Oct 21, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
"you are a woman
you deserve no pain, nor sorrow

you are a woman
strong, capable and reliable

you are a woman
you are selfish
you are delusional
you are a dreamer

you are a woman
you are kind
you are realist
you are full of contradictions

you are a woman
you are everything men are
you are everything men can't be

you are a woman
you deserve to be sherished
you deserve to be loved
you deserve everithing.

because you are a woman"

call me whatever you wish, this is what I've always thought about women.
(that's why I'm still single> :iconhesmileplz:
That's fine. u v u
I just wrote this because of idiots who keep on going "women are men's toys" and shit like that.

I know that women are selfish and full of contradictions that's what the excuse 'I'm on my period' is for. So its k. c:
This is really amazing, El!
Andsmg thankies. q//v//q
You're welcome~
Morticia-Lynne Oct 20, 2013  Student Writer
This reminds me of an old poem by a black woman who wrote something very similar, but it was shorter and also included that she was black because it was written during prejudice times.
It was a VERY famous poem though, so it goes to show how talented you are.
Ajkhfdskjg really?

This was just something that I quickly wrote in a fury, though. q3q 
LaceBug Oct 20, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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